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  • Friday April 22th 2006
  • Black Rock Mountain
  • Height 2462m or 8078ft / Height gain 900m or 2952ft
  • Time: 12:00 - 18:30 with an hour lunch-break on top
  • Climbed with: Wes and Reuben Versteeg

  • More information at peakfinder

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    My first summit…….

    This is the beginning of many more trips to the mountains. Of course I didn’t know this back then but at the time of writing (December 2007) I had 58 more summits on my record and hopefully many more to come.

    But to be honest, at that time when I was going up I never wanted to do one more again, ever, period! I was out of shape and dragging my *** towards the summit. Besides that I moved from Holland not even 6 months ago which is at sea-level.

    But as soon as I reached the summit and gave myself some time to look around and soak up the views I was sold. I wanted to climb every peak I could see.

    A great beginning of a great journey.
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