• Mount Whymper
  • Date: July 26th 2009
  • Height: 2845 meters
  • Height gain: 1250 meters
  • Time: 7 hours
  • Climbed with: JP, Clayton and Grant

Route description can be found in Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies by Alan Kane

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Whymper in the morning - Looks like it's going to be a warm dayLot's of hands on scramblingLooking down HWY 93 towards VermillionStanley in the early morningGoing up in the avalanche gullyLooking back down towards the highway - Lot's of flowersGrant enjoying the flowersGetting closer to the first rock bandNice steps going upJP his backpack was still light but not at the end of the day after taking 25 pounds of rock with himMt. Stanley - Maybe in a couple more weeks...The terrain at the start of the cliffs looks harder than it isClose up of JPLooking down in the avalanche gullyHey - No pictures of me!Helmet time600 more meters to go ClaytonGrant with Mt. Ball and Mt. Stanley in the backgroundTerrain is getting steeper