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  • November 17th 2007
  • Belmore Brown Peak
  • Height 2332 or 7650ft/ Height Gain 650m or 2132ft
  • Time: 8:30 - 14:30
  • Climbed with Phil

  • Phil, a guy from work (born in South Africa with Polish parents, raised in Australia and now living in Canada) had never been to the Canadian Rockies before so I took him out to bag Belmore Brown. Since he didn’t have his hiking boots in Calgary (he lives in Toronto, I don’t know why ;-)) he rented boots at MEC and they gave him the plastic mountaineering boots. I really felt sorry for him to walk in those boots all day.

    We started around 8 AM and quickly made our way towards BB. We got a bit confused since the trail wasn’t too obvious because of snow and we ended going up a scree slope. Arriving at the ridge I was confused what the exact summit was so I bagged every highpoint along the ridge including the GR North of Belmore Brown which is higher and has a much better view.

    On our way back I still didn’t know what the summit was and had one highpoint left, while Phil was going down I scrambled to what was the actual summit (it has a weather station, so if you wonder…..)

    It was a great day out and Phil enjoyed his first Canadian summit which is as high as the highest peak in Australia.
    Belmore Brown and Tiara Peak from the roadNice morning glow over the mountainsClose up of TiaraFrom the cut blocksMore TiaraPhil with Tiara in the backgroundIt's a great day to be outPhil is enjoying his first day in the Canadian RockiesGetting closer to the base of BBPhil rented boots at MEC, not a good idea ;-)Turn right here to the summitThe connecting ridge to TiaraGoing up the final scree slope to BBLooking South-EastTwo GR's North of BBTiara PeakSummit of Belmore BrownSome peaks far North (I think Black Rock)Calgary