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  • November 3rd 2007
  • King Creek Ridge II
  • Height unknown/ Height Gain 600m or 1968ft
  • Time: 8:30 - 12:30
  • Climbed with Vern

  • Almost a year ago (January 6th 2007) Antri and I tried to bag King Creek Ridge in Kananaskis. Because we didn’t make it to the summit this one was still on my to-do list rather sooner than later. Our initial plan was to do Mist Mountain the “Daffern” way but the weather looked kind of nasty so when Vern suggested to do King Creek Ridge I didn’t had any problems with that.

    It was a nice morning even though the weather looked kind of nasty above the surrounding peaks. We quickly gained the ridge even though we couldn’t find the trail up. Once on the ridge there is a nice trail going all the way to the summit. The first summit with a Canadian flag on top is actually not the real summit which is a couple hundred meter further along the ridge.

    After a short stay at the summit with some great shot of the peaks behind CKR and some fabulous light we found the trail on the way down.

    Round trip time a just over 4 hours which made this a great short outing.
    King Creek Ridge early in the morningSome nice morning light on the way upMore......A creek crossing along HWY #40Vern coming up the slopes, we never found the trail on our way up.The views are getting betterA stick with some green hair on top of itMt. WindtourKananaskis LakesA great day where we werewith great views..................Vern on the ridge approaching the summitNice orange sweater!Getting close to the summitThis was not the real summit