• October 20th 2007
  • Castle Mountain
  • Height 2766 m or 9072ft / Height Gain 1400m or 4592ft
  • Time: 8:00 - 16:00
  • Climbed with Vern

  • Last year Vern and I went up Helena Ridge and Stuart Knob and also way up Castle Mountain. We never made it to the summit back then because we were tired, lots of snow and lack of motivation. After all we were stupid because to do Castle you have to hike in for 8 kilometers to get to Rockbound Lake where the scramble starts which adds four hours to the trip.

    Anyway, we both don't like unfinished business so we headed back up again on this cold morning. Arriving at Rockbound lake after 2 hours we were treated we a nice winter wonderland. From the lake we quickly scrambled up to the basin above the lake and through the ascend gully. The snow in this gully made it tricky but is fine when dry. From this gully it is still a loooooooooooooong ways to go. Also this time we were encountering ankle to knee deep snow which made things slow. Arriving at the summit we were completely soaked in and getting cold very quickly.

    So, no time wasted and after a quick summit shot heading down again, my fingers felt like they were freezing off. We had a nice pace going down and after 10 hours (6 up and 4 down) we were back at the car.
    It was a cool morningWe are treated with some nice viewsA fresh snow covered trailVern enjoying this trip so farThings look so much better with a little bit of snow on itAlmost at the first lakeThe first lakeEisenhower tower with the first lakeUp to the second lakeThat sun is nice and warmRockbound lake