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Day 4 – Scott Duncan Hut to West Louise Lodge
And then it is day 4. We all try to enjoy another hearty oatmeal breakfast but it isn’t easy anymore…it’s eating only to lighten our packs for the last day out. After repacking my pack to make sure it is as comfortable as it can be on the way down I take off the skins from my skis. Kelly, Bill and I are the first ones to leave the hut and head out to ski across the flats towards Mt. Niles. Half of us are skiing with skins and the other half without, personally I wish I had left mine on till at least after crossing the big avalanche slopes underneath Mt. Niles and arriving at the bench. Skiing down the bench isn’t all that pleasant for me since it is fairly icy and hard to make turns on. Lower down in the trees it starts to soften up a bit and travelling is a little better.

We take the Schiesser/Lomas route out which is certainly a lot safer than the Niles creek exit. Most of the hazard on this route is when crossing the slopes underneath the summit of Mt. Niles but after that is really good travelling. We follow Sherbrook creek all the way to the lake without too much trouble although it does get narrow and steep in some spots. Greg and Robin are a little bit in front of me and Bill while the rest is way ahead of us. At some point I come around the corner and almost ski right into a huge blood bath…as it turns out Greg had a little discussion with a tree and the tree decided to punch him on the nose. Robin did a great job patching him up and we are all on our way again and meet up with the other guys at Sherbrook lake. The last bit from the lake down to the parking lot is steep and can sometimes be icy so I decide to put my skins back on to make travelling a little easier on myself.

And then…finally the parking lot and…beer. Wow, that tastes so good after four days of skiing!

It was a great 4 day trip with great people and I realize I missed a lot in this trip report (like the stories about Greg’s friend Bubba, the importance of the right orientation of a map, beheaded rabbits on the trail, how the Dutch are responsible for the successes of the Nashville predators and hurderite chickens with tumors) but I hope you got a good impression.