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Trip details on Big Beehive and Devil’s Thumb: When I was considering what a good family hike would be I remembered a trip that Vern had done recently. So took the Friday off work and then did a family hike up to the Lake Agnes teahouse and then the Big Beehive. Had lunch with them on top and then I quickly ran up and down Devil’s Thumb while they finished lunch and headed back down to the teahouse. I caught up to them at the teahouse where we enjoyed coffee, lemonade and cookies.

-Date: August 12th, 2016
-Height: Big beehive is 2270 meters and Devils’ Thumb is 2466 meters
-Height gain: 700 meters
-Time: Including breaks it was 6 hours at 6-year-old pace J
-Climbed with: Family to the big beehive as well as hundreds of other tourists…even Devil’s Thumb had about a dozen people on the trail

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