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Trip details on Mount Brewster: Don’t do this mountain…it’s not worth it. If you do though then instead of doing 8.5 km as Kane describes only go about 7km until you get to the FM10 campground. Take a break and hopefully you’ll turn around…if not, then go up into the gully past the big rock. Work you’re way up the gully until you see a big boulder. From here make sure you DON’T take the left gully that goes straight up since it is a dead end as we experienced. Instead take a right gully and shortly after a left one. Vern has a better description on his site on where exactly to go but it won’t be easy to find, I can guarantee you that. Many people have been “lost” and took a variety of routes up. On our 2nd ascent of the day we actually went too far right until we hit the ridge, still at tree line and decided to take this all the way up. This was not straight forward but we kept it to moderate scrambling only. More than 8 hours from the parking lot we finally stood on top. We then took Kane his descent route down which worked well but again will be hard to find when going up. So in the end we did Brewster three ways and this one ends up in my top 10 list of peaks to never ever repeat!
  • Date: August 26th, 2016
  • Height: 2859 meters
  • Height gain: Total elevation gain roughly around 1900 meters
  • Time: 12.5 hours but could be done in 9-10 if lucky
  • Climbed with: Vern Dewit
  • Track details
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