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Trip details on Buchanan Peak and Ridge: Kevin Papke and I decided to do a mid-week scramble and our objective for the day was Buchanan Peak and Ridge and possibly Alderson as well. Due to road closures in Waterton (these will last all year!!!) Cameron lake was not accessible so we started from the town site, which would add 300 additional meters of gain if we would include Alderson. Getting to the peak was easy but getting to the ridge a bit more involved with a few good solid moderate steps along the way. When coming down to the main trail it was already 3PM due to a somewhat later start (9AM) in the morning. We ran into some other folks and they mentioned that the trail to Carthew lakes contained still a fair amount of snow so we abandoned Alderson and decided to have beer and burgers in Waterton instead.
  • Date: June 15h, 2016
  • Height Buchanan Peak is 2410 meters and height Buchanan Ridge is 2565 meters
  • Height gain: 1400 meters from Waterton town site
  • Time: 7.5 hours
  • Climbed with: Kevin Papke
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