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  • Robertson Peak and Tallon Peak
  • Date: April 18th 2009
  • Height Robertson Peak: 1905 meters
  • Height Tallon Peak: 1844 meters
  • Height gain: for both peaks around 700 meters
  • Time: 4.5 hours including lunch break and many picture stops. Probably one of the easiest and fastest two peak days.
  • Climbed with: Gokhan, Naomi and Coral

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Note: We used the directions from Bob his report for Tallon. We drove till the end of Township road 75 where we stopped at the three bears (see pic 1) and gained the ridge that lies to the west. This is one ridge to the North from the ridge that Bob and Dinah ascended. Hike to the connecting ridge that leads to Tallon and climb the highpoint North of Tallon Peak, then descend North and ascend Robertson Peak first. From Robertson it is best to avoid the previous climbed high point by side sloping around it to the ridge that leads to Tallon its summit block. Find the weakness in the summit block and from there it is and easy hike to the top. Descend Tallon using the east ridge back to the car.