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Trip details on Mount Schaffer: Joined Bill and Kev on the 8:30 bus to Lake O’Hara where they would do Yukness which I had done years ago. My plan was to do Mt. Schaffer and then join up with Kelly, his son and 2 friends, Sam and Bill to stay overnight at Abbot Pass hut. From Lake O’Hara I went by the EP hut towards Schaffer Lake and then up a small trail to the ridge on Schaffer. In about 1.5 hours I was on top of Schaffer enjoying great vistas all around. After a brief stay and stroll along the ridge to a higher point East, which I think should be the summit instead of where the register is, I headed back down. After coming down I had a nice cup of coffee and bite to eat at Le Relais (shelter and place to buy snacks at Lake O’Hara) and proceeded along the North side of the Lake towards Lake Oesa. Shortly after reaching Lake Oesa I spotted Kelly, Sam and the three boys (who had taken the 10:30 bus up to LOH) and it didn’t take long to catch up to them. I joined them on the final trudge to Abbot Pass hut where we settled in. In the mean time Bill managed to get on top of Yukness and joined us several hours later after having to take shelter a few times due to hail and rain storms. It was nice to have the whole hut to ourselves with just the 7 of us, thanks to Kelly who booked the whole hut but unfortunately had a few cancellations.
  • Date: July 28th, 2016
  • Height: 2692 meters
  • Height gain: From Lake O’Hara about 600 meters to Schaffer, then another 900 meters to Abbot Pass hut
  • Time: Easy 3 hours round trip on Schaffer and 3.5 hours to Abbot Pass hut
  • Climbed with: Solo trip
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