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Trip details on Skoki Mountain and Oyster Peak: Great trip in a beautiful area. We took advantage of an early spring and were successful on these two peaks. Hiked in on Thursday night to the Hidden Lake area and had an early 6AM start the next day. Still a bit of snow to deal with from Deception pass down to Skoki lodge but besides that very little snow on this trip. Long day with two ascent and a full loop around fossil mountain, we arrived back at our vehicle at 8:30PM.
  • Date: June 3th, 2016
  • Height Skoki mountain is 2697 meters and height Oyster peak is 2777 meters
  • Height gain: Skoki mountain from the lodge about 530 meters, Oyster peak from Baker lake about 600 meters. Car to car elevation gain was 2350 meters
  • Time: 2 hours on Thursday night and 14.5 hours on Friday
  • Climbed with: Dave Salahub and Kevin Papke
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