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Trip details on The Monarch: The Monarch had been on my list of peaks to do ever since I had skied into the Healy Pass area many years ago. So when Vern invited me along last week it was an easy decision to take Friday off and join Vern and Phil for a long but rewarding day. The approach is long, the gully loose, the upper mountain loose, the summit block loose, the views great and the return still long :-). All in all, a great day out! This is not a peak you want to do with many people since it’s so loose and the potential for rock fall is really high. Also bring ice-axe since snow lingers in the North facing gully into late August some years, this year not so much so we were lucky and didn’t need them.
  • Date: August 19th, 2016
  • Height: 2904 meters
  • Height gain: Total elevation gain around 1700-1800 meters
  • Time: 11 hours including summit time
  • Climbed with: Vern Dewit and Phil Richards
  • Track details
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