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Trip details on Wiwaxy Peaks - East tower: After spending a night at Abbott Pass hut Bill and I left shortly after 8AM to do Wiwaxy. We made quick work of the gully down to Lake Oesa and took the highline trail from there to Wiwaxy gap. This trail is in great shape and I had never expected such a nice trail from Lake Oesa. At Wiwaxy gap we had a short break before heading up to the peak, we briefly spoke to some tourist who had a hard believing we would go up there. From the col we pretty much followed Matt Hobbs his route except for the ledge lower down which we easily bypassed (see his website below for more details). After a short stay we quickly made our way down to Lake O’Hara where we caught the 2:30 bus out and where we met up with Kelly and crew again.
  • Date: July 29th, 2016
  • Height: 2703 meters
  • Height gain: From Lake Oesa about 450 meters
  • Time: Easy 6 hours from Abbott hut to the top and down to Lake O’Hara
  • Climbed with: Bill Kerr
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