Zenfolio | Bijlsma Family | Wolverine Ridge
Trip details on Wolverine Ridge: A short little ski up to the top of Wolverine ridge which lies behind the Lake Louise ski hill. We set out in a cold -18 from the Fish Creek parking lot and reached temple lodge after roughly an hour. While Bill, Vern and Raf continued Dave and I took a quick bathroom break and then continued up to the trail that leads to the Skoki lodge. In a few hundred meters from the ski-hill a clearing leads up to Wolverine valley and it didn’t take long for Dave and I to catch up to the other three. At the end of the lower valley there was a bit of debate on whether to follow the uptrack that we had followed so far or take the left-hand side of the valley and break our own trail. Vern made an executive decision and started beating a new track in the deep and unconsolidated snow. We started to question our decision but the debate took too long for my liking so stubborn me kept on going breaking trail and the others followed. When we got higher the snow got better and it did not take much to reach the lower bench of Purple Mound. We skied down to the col between the bench and Woverine, had a quick break and continued to the top of Wolverine. Great views greeted us and after a short stay we took our skins off and enjoyed a few turns down to lower terrain. We had a bit of tree skiing and then got back on the up-track which led us quickly back to Temple lodge. Not great snow conditions and a slightly cold but still a very enjoyable short day out in the mountains with good views from the top.
  • Date: January 14th, 2016
  • Height: 2417 meters
  • Height gain: 760 meters
  • Time: Roughly 4 – 4.5 hours
  • Climbed with: Bill, Dave, Raf and Vern
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