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  • Friday May 5th 2006
  • Yamnuska
  • Height 2240m or 7349ft / Height gain 900m or 2952ft
  • Time: 8:30 - 14:30 with half an hour lunch-break on top
  • Climbed with: Ed and Dave

  • Atter working for Ed Helder for a while I found out that he is into scrambling as well. So we decided to do a classic all time scramble together with a client of his, Dave.

    It was a nice spring morning with lot’s of wildlife, first I saw a deer and later we heard a bear in the bushes (we think it was a bear). So we made a lot of noise a increased our speed a bit. Then we quickly reached tree line from where we were a lot safer. The backside of Yamnuska is pretty easy even though there were some snow and ice patches left.

    After a couple of hours from the car we reached the summit which has a nice view over the front range peaks (little did I know that some surrounding peaks would have a much better view). From the summit the front side drops a couple hundred meters straight down so a fall would be fatal.

    I think the best part of the day was the incredible scree run back down in front of the face.
    The front side of YamThe first spotted animal this day, luckily we didn't see the second one but only heard it;-)The foothillsGaining the ridge next to YamYam's backViews are opening upEd taking lot's of pictures as wellEd and Dave discussing business ;-)Me and Dave on the summitSummit cairnlooking down the front faceLooking along the ridgeAlmost back down