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  • Mount Weed
  • Date: September 20th 2008
  • Height: 3080 meters
  • Height gain: 1350 meters
  • Time: 7 hours
  • Climbed with: Kevin Papke

Route description can be found in Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies by Alan Kane

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The weather is very promising todayOur objectiveKevin coming up the drainageLooking back down the drainageWhen the drainage splits follow the right forkThe views open upArriving at the house size bouldersKevin "climbs" up one of themAnd so do I of course, it's worth the pictureThe weather is great but the sky is very hazyKevin coming up the loooong scree slopeclose-upWe took the big gully in the middleKevin sticks to more firm rockScree, scree and...more scree