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  • September 15th 2007
  • Mount Temple
  • Height 3543 m / 11621ft / Height Gain 1700m / 5576ft
  • Time: 9:00 - 17:00
  • Climbed with Vern and Rod

  • Finally, after a year and a half of scrambling and talking about it for a long time I was scrambling to the top of one of the highest peaks in the Rockies.

    We left the parking lot around 9AM and hooked up with a couple from Germany and a guy from the UK. This guy had been up Mt. Temple three times already and was now taking this other couple up. It’s a great trail to a small lake and then to a col which gives a nice view of all the surrounding peaks. From here it is just following the faint trail and flagging and with one moderate step (gaining a rock band with smooth rock because of heavy traffic) there is not much to it to reach the summit if you are a competent scrambler of course. The one thing that might “kill” you is the height gain which is over 1700 meters.

    And then the summit: AWESOME VIEWS……..

    I didn’t stay too long on the summit (30 minutes at most) and took my time on the way down. I talked to a couple of guys who were 30-40 minutes from the summit but didn’t want to go anymore. Why would somebody take that much effort and then stop a couple hundred meters from the summit? Also the German couple didn’t make it so the UK-man quickly ran up and back to guide them down again.

    I was really surprised that it only took 8 hours to bag such a big but magnificent peak. This might be the only peak so far that I’m willing to repeat!
    A great morning, it's gonna be a great dayNice trail to the passViews are improving alreadyOur group of sixTime to reflectJon is taking a quick breakNot even close to the top but certainly worth itVern coming up behind meThe real scrambling starts soonThe two germans are getting a bit nervousVern coming up after the cruxAnd also JonMore viewsThere's the summit, still far awayFinal ridge, Vern is almost there